Prada is an internationally renowned quality brand from Italy

Prada is an internationally renowned quality brand from Italy. Its products include clothing, shoes, perfumes, accessories, etc. It has a wide range of fields and is a better choice for the upper class. Prada glasses are also a popular item in the Prada brand. However, in recent years, some unscrupulous merchants have produced some fake and inferior Prada sunglasses. As a consumer, how can we distinguish between true and false when we buy Prada glasses? Yichao network experts remind you that you can judge according to the following:
Check the model of the PRADA sunglasses and the inside of the temple.

All PRADA Prada sunglasses are available in two start formats: SPR or SPS. At the beginning of SPR is the main line of Prada sunglasses, taking the luxury style route.
Check the serial number on the PRADA sunglasses lens.

This is very important. Since 2000, Prada PRADA has begun to add the engraved serial number to the lens on the right.
1, observe the glasses material:

The glasses of genuine Prada sunglasses are made of plastic, while the fake fake Prada sunglasses are made of sheet metal. Although the appearance of the sheet may have some texture, the injection molded sunglasses are light and light, and they are more cool and eye-catching, and its UV protection ability. It is also good, these are the advantages that the board does not have.

2, observe glasses work:

Of course, there are also some unscrupulous merchants who use injection molding materials to counterfeit Prada glasses. However, after all, the abrasive tools and glasses used by them are incomparable to the big names. Therefore, by observing the work of the glasses, it is also possible to judge whether the purchased Prada sunglasses are genuine.

3, observe the glasses logo details:

The logo of the genuine Prada sunglasses’s temples will look clear and conspicuous, as if they are integrated with the temples, while the counterfeit looks rough and suspended above the temples.

4, observe the packaging and accessories of glasses:

The authentic Prada sunglasses have the product code and color number on the temples. The certificate has the manufacturer’s name and other relevant information, and the authentic sunglasses will have the certificate of the general agent and the manufacturer’s manual. Be sure to look at these when you are.